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Starting young horses with Iben Andersen
3.november - 11.november 2012

Stall SPnow offers an intensive basic training course with the Danish trainer, Iben Andersen. Iben has worked with horses for many years and has gained a huge amount of knowledge in Australia, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Norway, Iceland and Denmark. The course is run as two weekend courses with 5 days training between the two weekends, 3.november – 11.november 2012.

Iben has developed her own system for working with an untrained ´raw´horse, by learning from methods used around the world and combining them with some of the most significant training methods used today. The central premiss of her method relies on building trust between the horse and rider, and getting the horse to work in partnership with the rider. In addition to this it is important that the horse is sensitive to the basic aids, without wanting to run away from them. Our aim is for the horse to do what we ask it because it wishes to, and not because we force it to do it! This means some horses will need to be sensitised, while others will need to be de-sensitised. 

Find out more about Iben and her training methods at www.ibenhestar.dk

The course
Max 10 participants
This course runs over 9 days.  Two weekends where horse and rider are taught by Iben to work together using her method, and then 5 days between the two weekends where Iben herself trains intensively with the horse.
This course is primarily aimed at an untrained horse, but could also be suitable for horses which have had a bad start to their career as a riding horse,and maybe need starting all over again. If any participants wish to train their own horse during the 5 days between the two weekends it is also possible to book only the two weekend courses as an alternative package. In this case, horse and rider will be trained by Iben during the first weekend in her methods, after which the rider trains the horse on their own for 5 days. The second weekend is then used for follow up and development of Iben´s training methods.

Training package 1:
Price for 9 days intensive training course: Kr. 8000
(Price includes 9 days stabling for the horse, two training weekends for the rider incl. lunch, and 5 days training

Training package 2:
Price for 4 days intensive training course Kr. 4500

(Price includes two training weekends, stabling for horse and lunch for the rider)

Each new exercise will be introduced to the horse by Iben first of all. Afterwards the rider will be guided through the exercises together with the horse. This reduces the risk of insecurities in horse and rider, and ensures a more thorough process which will give the horse the best chance of success. 

Spectating participant.
Spectators are also welcome to call in during the weekend courses and to follow the work with the horses. Spectator fees are as follows:

First weekend (saturday-sunday): kr. 1200
Both weekends (2 saturdays + 2 sundays): Kr. 2000

If you only wish to attend the first weekend it is important to attend both days since most horses make most progress on day 1 and day 2. 

Application deadline: 20.10.12
Payment deadline: 24.10.12
Account number: 3910 19 37813
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