Breeding mares

Stall SP breeds around four to six foals per year. We have seven broodmares and three breeding stallions, all from extremely good bloodlines. Our breeding goal is to breed top competition and breeding horses with plenty of expression and presence, and with gaits full of potential. We are a relatively young stud, but by using good mares and strong breeding stallions we have had considerable success with our homeöbred horses right from the beginning.

We are expecting six foals in 2013.

Isak´s mare, Lisa, a daughter of Jarl frá Miðkrika, is expecting a foal by our own homeöbred stallion Nói fra Jakobsgården. Trú fra Jakobsgården is expecting a foal by Trúr frá Auðholtshjáleigu. Our top broodmare Fluga fra Flugumyri was served by Baugur frá Viðinesi. Aska fra Stall Kjersem was served by Léttir fra Hellesylt. Þordís frá Ytri-Bægisá is also expecting a foal by Nói fra Jakobsgården as does our top broodmare Aradís fra Jakobsgården.