We are going to Berlin with a bunch of horses!

NM2012 Globus firgang small

.............................................and then we take Berlin. We have had a very good year so far, Globus is compeeting in V1 an T1, Nói in 5 year stallions, Laufa in 7 years and older, they are all borned Jakobsgården. And the fourth one is Thokkadis fra Stall Øvstedal.

We are so very proud of our breeding, 3 horses of our own breeding is on their way to the World Championship in Berlin! Two in the breeding classes: This is Nói (5 year old stallion) and Laufa (7 years old mares). And than we have one qualified in the sport competition, this is Globus! All from Jakobsgården:)
All three have the same mother, Frigg fra Flugumýri, what a goldmine she has been to us!!

And last but not least, one of Stians trainingorses is qualified in the breeding class for 5 year old mares, this is Tokkadís from Stall Øvstedal.

We are looking forward to the Championship and can notify you that our stallions are possible for sale, please contact us either by e mail, tlf, or you are welcome to come and talk with us on the WC in Berlin